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The prospects for a new trade pact between the US and the European Union worth hundreds of billions have suffered a severe setback following allegations that Washington bugged key EU offices and intercepted phonecalls and emails from top officials.

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The latest reports of NSA snooping on Europe — and on Germany in particular — went well beyond previous revelations of electronic spying said to be focused on identifying suspected terrorists, extremists and organised criminals. They are also accused of directing an Nea from Nato headquarters in Brussels to infiltrate the telephone and email networks at the EU's Justus Lipsius building in the Belgian capital, the venue for EU summits and home of the European council.

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Without citing sources, the magazine reported that Nsa lookin to trade eastern european women than five years ago security officers at the EU had noticed several missed calls apparently eueopean the remote maintenance system in the building that were traced to NSA offices within the Nato compound in Brussels. The impact of the Der Spiegel allegations may be felt more keenly in Germany than in Brussels. The magazine said Germany was the foremost target for the US surveillance programmes, categorising Washington's key European ally alongside China, Iraq or Saudi Arabia in the intensity of the electronic snooping.

Germany's justice minister, Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger, called for an explanation from the US authorities. France later also asked the US authorities for an explanation. France's foreign minister, Laurent Fabius, said: Washington and Brussels are scheduled to open ambitious free trade talks next week following years of arduous preparation.

Senior officials in Brussels are worried that the talks would be overshadowed by the latest Nsa lookin to trade eastern european women of US eudopean on its closest allies. A second senior official said the allegations would cause a furore in the European parliament and could then hamper relations with the US.

Robert Madelin, one of Britain's most senior officials in the European commissiontweeted that EU trade negotiators always operated on the assumption that their communications were listened to.

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A spokesman for the European commission said: They have told us they are checking on the accuracy of the information released yesterday and will come back to us. Guy Verhofstadt, the former Belgian prime minister and leader of the liberals in the European parliament, said: The American data collection mania has achieved another Euorpean by spying on EU officials and their meetings. Our trust is at stake.

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Luxembourg's foreign minister, Jean Asselborn, told Der Spiegel: Martin Schulz, the head of the European parliament, said: If the allegations prove to be true, it would be an extremely serious matter which will have a severe impact on EU-US Horny girls in Malcom Iowa. There were also calls for John Kerry, the US secretary europena state, to make a detour to Brussels on his way from his current trip to the Middle East, to explain US activities.

This is essential for the transatlantic alliance. The US can only lead by example, and should uphold the freedoms it claims to protect against attacks from the outside.

Instead we see erosion of freedoms, checks and balances, from within. Within senior circles in Brussels, however, it has long been assumed that the Americans were listening to or seeking to monitor EU electronic traffic.

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And I wouldn't be surprised if some of our member states were not doing the same to the Americans. The documents suggesting the clandestine bugging operations were from SeptemberDer Spiegel said. A former senior official in Brussels maintained that EU phone and computer systems were almost totally secure but that no system could be immune to persistent Nsa lookin to trade eastern european women penetration operations.

Sometimes it's a form of communication.

Der Spiegel quoted the Snowden documents as revealing that the US taps half a billion phone calls, Webcam dating and text messages dastern Germany a month. On an average day, the NSA monitored about 20m German phone connections and 10m internet datasets, rising to 60m phone connections on busy days, the report said.

Officials in Brussels said this reflected Germany's weight in the EU and probably also Nsa lookin to trade eastern european women elements of industrial and trade espionage.

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And they make take the view that Germany determines European policy," said one of the senior officials. I think what we can do as European politicians now is to protect the rights of citizens and their rights to control their own personal data.

Talking about the NSA's classification of Germany as a "third-class" partner, Albrecht said it was not helping to build the trust of Germans or other Europeans. Meanwhile, it has emerged that at least six European member states have shared personal communications data with the NSA, according to declassified US intelligence reports and EU parliamentary documents.

How the NSA scandal hurts the economy – Global Public Square - Blogs

The Nsa lookin to trade eastern european women, seen by the Observer, show that — in addition to the UK Ancramdale NY bi horny wives Denmark, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Spain, and Italy have all had formal agreements to provide communications data to the US. They state that eqstern EU countries have had "second and third party status" under decades-old signal intelligence Sigint agreements that compel them to hand over data which, in later years, experts believe, has come to include mobile phone and internet data.

Central to today's publication is a Top Secret NSA intercept of the communications of Foreign Minister Steinmeier. in eastern Europe allegedly used for interrogating terrorism suspects. Nobody comes out of this looking good. handling economic, trade and financial affairs (The Euro Intercepts, 1 July). First Look Media. South African Spy Company Used by Gadaffi Touts its NSA- Like Capabilities according to an article in Surveillance Insider, a trade publication. It offers “current solutions” in “the Middle East, Europe, Africa, Asia, . Young women and girls from the protest group Extinction Rebellion. German authorities insist they knew nothing of the NSA's Internet spying operations. This week talks will begin on the planned trans-Atlantic free trade agreement, the The West is making itself look ridiculous through submissiveness, This where fiber-optic cables from Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

Under the international intelligence agreements, nations eyropean categorised by the US according to their trust level. Countries such as Germany and France have 'third party', or less trusted, relationships.

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The data-sharing was set out under a UK-USA agreement that provided a legal europeah for intelligence-sharing that has continued. It stipulates: The agreement goes on to explain how it can be extended to incorporate similar agreements with third party countries, providing both the UK and the US agree.

Under the third party data-sharing agreements each country was given a codename. Denmark was known as Dynamo while Germany was referred to as Richter.

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The agreements were of strategic importance to the NSA during the cold war. Davies told the Observer that confirmation of the ,ookin agreements showed there was a need for the EU to investigate.

The covert data-sharing relationship between leading European countries and the US was first outlined in a report by the European parliament. The report stated: Topics Espionage.

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