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Some time ago Cherry Red was taken suddenly very ill. I have no idea how Cherry is faring, but I am sad to report that the site has now been taken down. Perhaps the end of an era. Much new spanking activity has moved to Twitter it Stuebridge. As an addition this Naughty woman want sex tonight Sturbridge welcome and much more about personal interaction. It also affords more action and candid shots.

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Whilst these can be very revealing. A Naughty woman want sex tonight Sturbridge intimate spanking of a sorority girl was circulated some months back, or so I was told. No doubt someone sobered up. The retweets and screen captures may surface somewhere, who knows? That is the point, with its soundbite approach it does however limit creativity. A few years ago the Tonitht approached me yes that shook me at the time. They were trying to get Stturbridge inside gen on the spanking scene, but in the age of social media were finding it hard to pin anyone down.

Apparently A Voice in the Corner was reasonably highly positioned on Google. I had a nice chat on the phone with a vanilla researcher, who seemed to get Naughty woman want sex tonight Sturbridge, but I had to point out that I was hardly a spokesman for the scene.

But I think then that this was an early indicator Naughty woman want sex tonight Sturbridge where things might be heading. Anyway, on with this show. Ronnie Soul has a list of new spanking sites. Also the Spanking Blog has some stills from Starlet. A vanilla move from the early s that sometimes used to surface on late night TV in the UK.

It is not a great movie, it is a kind of sexploitation expose of the porn industry oh the irony.

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But it has one whipping scene pictured above and a better, much more traditional OTK spanking-the-bratty-starlet scene. It has to have been the first bare bottom spanking I had seen in a mainstream movie.

It is worth a glance but is no Secretary. Contemporary Life has several images, I swiped a few above. Part one here. At one point Galen pulled her up by her hair so he could see her face. A woeful Tzara tried to catch her breath to Housewives seeking casual sex LA Princeton 71067 and he spanked her already tender red bottom again so wqnt she yelped.

For the next few minutes he added another round of sound Naughty woman want sex tonight Sturbridge so that his new girl twisted and danced across his lap and then he let her stand. Tzara looked in horror at the hard bare stone walls where he had pointed. This was an outrage. She was Naughty woman want sex tonight Sturbridge officer of the fleet. Before she had been taken by surprise, no she was ready with a drop kick to toniht groin and an elbow slice to his neck.

Well not easily, she thought as she weighed up her options.

Maybe she could turn the whole ssx into an adventure game and do some hiking, or maybe become a bandit. Galen looked amused and continued to shake his head in disbelief. The girl may have not been trained, but he had. Reaching for the bell he decided sterner measures were called for.

The drop kick failed. It was almost as if she had never learned one. Naughty woman want sex tonight Sturbridge she fell heavily to the floor on her behind, which hurt far beyond any holo-suite injury she had ever experienced before. Tzara drew her mouth into a determined line and got her feet. She hated giving him the satisfaction of rubbing her bottom, but just then the relief was needful.

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She lunged at Galen and tried to take Massage happy Aosieniec off his feet. It tonighh like hitting a mountain and without breaking a sweat he turned her around and tucked her under his arm as if she were luggage.

Galen sighed and again took his seat on the chair.

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It was an easy matter to put the girl back Naughty woman want sex tonight Sturbridge his knee and turn up her skirts.

His hand blasted her bare bottom like an oaken paddle. The searing sting took away her breath and despite her resolve she was yelling again in less than a minute. The first spanking had been bad, now she was going to learn what a spanking could be. She did not hear the maid arrive A new Norfolk for ambitious women once she realised they had an audience she wanted to die.

The girl tlnight an eyebrow and looked the spanked woman over with a renewed interest.

Who would defy Lord Galen? Indeed, who would want to, she wondered? Then she shrugged and scurried to obey.

Maybe her lord would put her to use this night if the courtesan was in disgrace. By the time the maid returned with the paddle Tzara was finally standing in sxe corner with her hands on her head.

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This time Naughty woman want sex tonight Sturbridge resisted the urge to protest and stood fuming with her face just centimetres from two walls, her face almost as red as her exposed bottom. Tzara made Naighty pout where he could not see it and squirmed as she clenced and unclenched her buttocks to try and ease the sting. Tzara, sensing his displeasure, began a moment of panic. He is the captain Sturbridgge, she told herself, lord equals sir; he rates a sir.

A simple lesson, she chided herself, but one she had now learned. What had she done? Of course she had to be. Tzara gulped. There had Bartlett find a girl to fuck talk of a dungeon. But she was already learning that the pain protocols were Naughty woman want sex tonight Sturbridge too relaxed in this scenario, to say the least.

Also so far there was no off button or exit procedure. It was a humiliating concession under the circumstances. Once she had removed the dress he told her to leave on the corset, as tonighr tight undergarment was called. She doubted she could have removed it without help anyway.

The ridiculous attire was black and stiffened with what might have been steel as part of the fabric. It more or less supported her breasts, but from her hips down she was naked back and front.

The corset only emphasised her lower nudity and she felt a rush of self-consciousness before this man. Despite everything the man was strangely attractive and she wondered if now that she had ceased Naughty woman want sex tonight Sturbridge confrontational they might move on to the sex part.

After all, this was supposed to be recreational with her needs in mind. The walk down the hall was unsettling. For one thing she was acutely aware that not only was her bare bottom on display, but it had been clearly very soundly spanked.

It was embarrassing. She thought Ivyton KY sex dating hiding her sex with her hands, but that seemed more undignified than toughing it out. Hey-ho, she thought, I just have to play the game.

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She tried to relax for the moment and take in her surroundings. Knowing her way around might come in handy.

Still it was hard to feel at ease when half naked in a strange place. She tried to focus. The castle was clean and airy. Fabulous tapestries hung at pleasing intervals along the walls and there was even carpet on much of the floor. This was a story book version of a castle, she realised, a fantasy. What did that tell her?

A hand strayed to her sore bottom as she wondered what kind of fantasy this was. The small act reminded her of her nakedness and she blushed.

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Luckily they encountered no one in the halls or on the stairs. Although Tzara did hear voices beyond Housewives seeking casual sex Alamo Tennessee 38001 great wooden and ornate doors that they passed. But Galen led her on down various winding staircases where instead Shurbridge windows, flaming torches lit the way.

It was almost romantic. The last door was a heavy one. It was made of dark wood and iron, with great spikes protruding at out of brace work. Najghty upper dungeon, she presumed. Galen unlatched the swung the great door wide as he led her forward.