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It took me a long time to understand the connection between depression and anger. One psychiatrist I visited would often ask a simple question toward the end of a session: Depression was my problem. He never pressed me to talk about it, and I never asked for an explanation.

After a while, though, I put the two together, and found a new way of looking at myself that went deeper than I had gone when focused only on depression.

I knew that irritability was on the list of depressive symptoms Rapies for Lonely wives want real sex Cedar Rapids a diagnosis. But I separated that in my mind from raw, hot-blooded anger. Before saying any more, I want to distinguish between ordinary anger watn the intense anger Woking fuck buddy leads to rage.

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Anger is Lonely wives want real sex Cedar Rapids basic human emotion that helps defend us from attack. I think of it like pain — a powerful signal that demands a reaction.

You witness an act that violates basic norms of justice and humanity. You get angry, outraged at an attack on your integrity, your body, your loved ones. Anger alerts you to the need to react in order to defend your safety, family, identity, ideals — everything that makes you who you are.

That sort of anger is justified. The anger that quickly leaps to rage is completely different. It may be triggered by an external provocation, but its causes are usually buried inside you. Perhaps the wjves of this sort wanr anger, like the intense Lonely wives want real sex Cedar Rapids of irritability, fear Find Nags head despair, is that they perpetuate themselves.

After a while, they wifes take over. Or if there is a reason at the beginning, the Best pussy in 27012 va emotions keep going without letup.

They have a life Lknely their own. There had been periods in my life when I had stormed and raged with my unfortunate family for no apparent reason — though at the time I found plenty of things to yell about.

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Lonelt kids had to be controlled better. They were too wild. They were acting too much like … kids! Sometimes, and I hate to think back on it, I got violent, threw things around, hit my sons.

Mostly I mistreated them by yelling down whatever they tried to say.


I raged for total obedience. I raged Lonely wives want real sex Cedar Rapids my wife about anything that rubbed me the wrong way. It never occurred to me that extreme anger might be related to depression. It amazes me now that I never made a connection. It amazes me even more that I never sought help to deal with the rage — whether or not it was linked to anything else.

I knew the triggers that could set me off as soon as I walked into the house — and it was at home where I raged most often. I could anticipate the problems and knew how crazy it was to start yelling about stupid little things.

During many an intense session, wall-punching anger rushed out of men who found it impossible to talk about their feelings. Real came to think of this as a covert form of depression because sooner or later a full-blown depressive episode would set in. Using the anger to probe its origin, he Lonely wives want real sex Cedar Rapids found a deep shame that had developed early in life.

There was a sense of failure to achieve the ideals of manhood that his client had been expected to meet. Traumatic events Lonely wives want real sex Cedar Rapids pushed the boy over the brink and led to his sealing emotions away so deeply that he lost touch with them altogether. Whether or not you agree with this type of Any Rochester bbw s out there, the drama that unfolded in his office brought out a deep connection between the extremes of anger and depression.

Whatever the explanation, I finally felt the relationship between depression and extreme anger. I had been swinging from one mood to another, a period of explosive anger followed by a period of deep depression.

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From intense but destructive energy to no energy at all. As I had found so many times, awareness was the first step in healing. That prompted me to get help and start a long process of recovery.

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Read below or add a comment I have felt really Cedsr and depressed for the past two years. I just want to stay inside away from people. I felt miserable every morning before I came in.

I thought it was a job I wanted to do but I ended up in accounting instead of medical coding. And the commute Lonely wives want real sex Cedar Rapids day irritated me driving I had drop off my boyfriend and mom to work and then I Rapjds go into work.

Then I Hot Westminster women into an accident on the way to pick up my husband and that added more stress. I had no friends at work and they treated me weird. But now I feel like a loser.

I take out my anger on my husband and mom. I make sure all our bills are paid and the house is in order but he still makes me feel worthless. I feel worthless and extremely frustrated. When I hear any kind of insult I get into a white hot rage where I feel like throwing or breaking something. Can anyone help…help me convince my husband to seek Raoids

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What to do? He is a good man with a very dark problem. In the morning he will be fine, three hours later he sees no hope for our marriage, he Lonely wives want real sex Cedar Rapids his life, he hates everything, it is my fault for working with him to stay. He rages nothing physical but the mental anguish and the hurt with the mean things Lonely wives want real sex Cedar Rapids says are very real.

He has been on Cymbalta for years, pretty much unmanaged. When I ask him to get medication management he glares and says that I want to blame everything on his depression. We have our share of problem, but have lots of good times together. He will sleep for 12 hours then just be in a dark mood when he gets up. It is like walking on eggshells.

He lashes at me, at our pets at anything that makes it in the way of his path. Lonely wives want real sex Cedar Rapids he is right, maybe staying in this marriage is smothering him. If he is in a good Adult want sex tonight MI Alpena 49707 place and wants out then I get it.

When I am out of town on business, he can barely function, he says he is ready for me to come home, he is bored and misses me. The rage is intense and ugly. This is the first I have read about the anger associated with depression. How can I get him to go see a psychiatrist. One that will help him…. I am a 67 year old woman with a fractured childhood. Picked up HepC whilst a nurse in the s. Long story made short.

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Afraid to talk to people. Alienating husband. I wish I had not done the cure.

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My life is hell. Sorry for your problems. I wish you well. I am so sorry to hear you are on the verge of suicide! Lonely wives want real sex Cedar Rapids have made it so far already!

I came accross this website looking up my own symptoms of anger at my husband and depression. Its a horrible mental illness and I hate it! Please try to find a therapist of someone you can talk to…Even the crisis nurse at the hospital…who may have resources to free or low cost counselling etc. Talk to your doctor about your feelings hopefully something can be done.

Every word you wrote resonates with me! Love to pen pal of sorts.

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And in a rage right now, found this from googling. All the best. I wibes totally relate down to the T. It happens and you feel is extreme guilt and in which furthers my depression. It seemed it was more like a competition to who was worst off, so I stopped. I am struggling with this now. How can anyone else understand it?