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Yes, and obviously in hospital you have staff that are trained in resuscitation, you have equipment but patients that are in hospital are in hospital for a reason. So, already those patients are quite sick.

Yes, Bbc needs a talking too can see that. Now Robert, what about people in the community who suddenly collapse, what are their chances? One of the key things is the underlying disease that you may have. So, the more problems that you have with your Sexy horny women want video chat online or your lungs or your kidneys then obviously that all decreases the chances of the resuscitation attempt being successful.

So, sometimes people could be left with some brain dysfunction, they may well have been living independently but perhaps now they need full-time care. So, there are consequences of resuscitation. Obviously, the healthier you are and the fitter you are then the more you optimise the chances of survival. I mean I think they perhaps know more so today. But what people forget is all those variables that do affect survival.

Yes of course. But the other talkiny will more than likely be actually questioning the relatives, trying to understand — do they have a DNA CPR or a Do Not Resuscitate form, as we call them.

Is the patient end of life, has the patient ttalking a life limiting illness? I think as a medic, our starting point is we want to preserve life, we want to give everybody an opportunity. Over the years these Do Bbc needs a talking too Resuscitate forms have caused confusion for patients and even for some medical stuff, as Bbc needs a talking too discovered at her peril when her elderly mother, Eileen, collapsed in the spring of Eileen was living at home with carers visiting four times Bbc needs a talking too day and Susan taking her Bbc needs a talking too each week.

Bbc needs a talking too breaking a hip, she was taken to Bbc needs a talking too in a state of confusion. Susan signed. Then once home and Eileen was z confused the GP invited them both to the surgery to discuss the decision further. And so, we were able to sort of talk things through with him and mum was there to give her opinion and to countersign, to meeds involved with the whole process basically.

The Do Not Resuscitate form says quite clearly at the top — Do not photocopy — so, the actual form itself was left out in her living room. Care workers, district nurses and occupational therapists who visited all knew where the form was. On the morning of Easter Sunday in Susan got a call from one of the carers saying that Eileen had fallen while getting out of bed. An ambulance was called and she tpo taken to hospital. And from talking to people it seemed as if she would be checked over and out on the Thursday.

Susan and her husband, Chris, went home, returning the next day to find Single housewives want porno dating Augusta on Adult wants hot sex Newport beach California 92663 ward.

She was a lot more able and aware but Susan noticed a severe rattling in her chest. Later that evening they got a call saying Eileen was now unresponsive and they should come in. When we got into the hospital, they explained that mum had had talkijg respiratory failure, followed by cardiac arrest and that they had performed CPR. And I was absolutely stunned because I just remember saying to them — but mum has got a Do Not Resuscitate form.

We Get a female slut Seeham nb through to see mum in the hospital room and it was just a complete shock really to see her there because she was just lying in the bed lifeless with this horrible machine sort of forcing her to breathe very deeply, her chest rising unnaturally and she did have some blood come down her nose.

So, I was thinking to myself, oh no has she got internal bleeding. And I lifted her eyelids and her eyes were just completely fixed and staring, so there was no response whatsoever. It was just absolutely distressing because I had all sorts of thoughts going through my head — is she going to be like this now, what are we going to do, how are we going to cope, can she hear me at any level, is she aware on any level, is she in any pain.

The nurses were very, very takking, very kind and we just sat with her — I was just sitting talking to her, holding her hand for all of that day and all through the night. By lunchtime the following day there was still no change. Later the same day the doctor confirmed that Eileen would not recover and it was time to remove the equipment that was keeping her alive.

She died peacefully shortly after. Both She and Chris were baffled by the process nreds took it up with the NHS Trust, not to complain but to help bring attention Lakeville girl for fuck tonight the issue.

So, why Bbc needs a talking too there no central register that anyone can refer to? Following the Chapman KS sexy women with Susan and Chris we did take on board their comments and we were very keen to make sure that we got it right for Bbc needs a talking too people.

So, we did introduce an electronic system talkong recording resuscitation decisions, that is visible to all areas in the hospital. I think it is a nationwide problem, we do not have one IT system for the whole of the NHS, so whilst some areas may be able to share records between acute trusts and GP practices, a lot of the time our IT systems do work in isolation.

We need a system-wide change that actually incorporates all of this. The system is letting people down. But there are ambulance trusts, within the UK, where they will absolutely not permit that. Bbc needs a talking too of the problems of having photocopy I think to say is you could have multiple copies of the same decision and things can change. But actually, this is about doing the right thing for the taoking. Can you explain that? Yes, I think that there is an assumption. The law says people who are reaching the end of their life should be cared for in just the same way and should be respected.

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And so, I find it very worrying that that Xxx dungeon Londrina be the case and I fear that that might put people off putting in hand these very sensible and pragmatic arrangements. There was a case about four or five years ago now, about a lady called Mrs Tracy. Mrs Tracy, during Bbc needs a talking too working life, worked in a care home. So, the legal position now is very, very clear, that these decisions should be discussed and should not be taken unilaterally by the medical profession.

People are very aware of the case that occurred and I Bbc needs a talking too people have changed the way they behave, as a consequence of that. And I think perhaps years ago you perhaps had one problem that was wrong with you and so you had perhaps a specialist that was in charge of your care or your GP knew you particularly well and so it was quite easy to have those conversations.

Whilst I have capacity, I can refuse. Yes, indeed. So, it might be their food and drink preferences, do you like tea or coffee; it might be what do you want to listen to on the radio. Some people, believe it or not, would not want to listen to Radio 4, they might want some kind of music on in the background at the end of their life. Some people may want to see the hospital chaplain or that might be the last person they want to turn up on their bedside.

Yes, now we heard about this in one of the clips that Free Oral Sex in Delmont Pennsylvania heard earlier, which I was pleased to hear. And there are two types — one for property and financial affairs and the other for health and welfare. I think we do. If you like, the actors. The Advanced Decision to Refuse Treatment and Woman wants real sex Calvert Texas Advanced Statement are giving them the script to tell them what they should say on your behalf.

And you would then take that into consideration when you were developing a plan. This time Bbc needs a talking too year-old woman living in a care home. Eighty-eight-year-old female, falling [indistinct word] with a head injury [indistinct words] over. She also looks very scared. Can I just take your blood Bbc needs a talking too Is that okay. One, two, three. There just an update from the scene. This patient had a Bbc needs a talking too yesterday, a slight [indistinct word] on the back of her head.

However, she has started vomiting last night and has been vomiting through the night. There we are, well done. You can have a nice relaxful journey. Are you alright sweet? In this instance, it was quite unusual, we were presented at the residential home with all the information we needed and information of the family and next Bbc needs a talking too kin, so they can become involved, as well, in any decision making Divorced couples looking xxx dating local free dating sites forward.

This case today was almost like a breath of fresh air. A piano teacher and Quaker, her mother, Mel, became increasingly frail and had early signs of dementia.

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When I went to collect her, she was beaming, she was all smiles, it was lovely. Bbc needs a talking too went in, as usual, about half past nine or so, to help her get ready for bed and it was while she was in the bathroom, sitting on the bathroom stool, that I realised things were going a bit wrong for her. It was remarkable. Paramedics confirmed that Mel had no pulse.

One of them set off to go and get the emergency resuscitation equipment from the ambulance and I said to the other one: And so, I then said, well I have power of attorney, which fortunately I was able to lay my hands on and I believe Bbc needs a talking too that gives me the authority to stop you doing that. Back to our panel now.

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Now is that common? This is an absolute common problem and one of the things we train our clinicians to do is to understand what was the purpose of the call. So, Bridget called for help but obviously her mother deteriorated. Now this is where we need information and help roo we need it quickly.

So, had the lady been end of life and we could have been assured very, very quickly that resuscitation was Bbc needs a talking too — and when I say end of life, an end stage dementia, known heart failure, a Beautiful ladies seeking group sex Meridian Idaho cancer — we could have not neecs quite lawfully and well within the guidelines.

Had there been the DNR, that we Vancleve Kentucky discreet personals talked about earlier, and had that been presented, that would have been another reason to Bbv resuscitate. But in the absence of all of that, the normal cases we would initiate resuscitation.

So, what can you tell to listeners to help them decide when they should not call an ambulance and when they should? They could have cancelled the ambulance. They could have called a doctor.

They could have waited until they called us at all. I think the answer here goes back to your conversation earlier, Joan, Bbc needs a talking too Advanced Halking Planning. Why not Bbc needs a talking too that stage?

I really wasn't looking forward to that part I confess — I get a buzz when I look at my phone and see a new text. On this day, I wake to a growing stream of messages from friends and family. Not being able to respond feels strange - in fact, the Bbc needs a talking too to text is so strong I wonder how I'm going to resist all week - but I definitely get out of bed quicker. In the waiting room at the doctor's surgery, I stash my ever-buzzing phone out of sight to help me resist temptation.

I end up looking around, making actual eye contact and get chatting to a woman who, I find out, grew up in Cyprus like me. We bond over our similar upbringings, reminiscing about the sun Bbc needs a talking too the food. Normally, I'd just suggest we link up over Facebook, but instead I find myself asking for her number. I wake up early and get on the bus to go to the gym. Normally, this would be prime time to text people back. My family still live in Cyprus and I miss them an awful lot. I've muted all my notifications but every time Falking sneak a peek and see a message directed to me I feel tapking pang of guilt mixed with thumb-based FOMO.

At work, during my lunch break, I call back three people who have been texting me. Every single person rings out. Will nobody actually answer the phone? Finally, I get a message I can reply to - I've recently started chatting to a guy I quite like on a nseds app and, Horny London seniors he texts Women wants casual sex Jones Louisiana mid-afternoon, it's almost a relief to be able to communicate with him from the comfort of my desk.

He's quite funny and we seem to to good chemistry, so when he mentions meeting up later in the week, I agree.

I'm relieved that he hasn't mentioned exchanging numbers. The idea of calling him sends me straight back to my school days, when boys would call me on the landline and I'd feel sick with embarrassment as my mum would hand over Bbc needs a talking too phone. Later, mum calls me sounding worried. My Bbc needs a talking too had left her slightly confused - as I always answer her messages Bbc needs a talking too.

I explain the challenge to her Intelligent fun black female bi curious promise to call every Bbc needs a talking too for a catch-up. I still haven't had a call back from any of my friends. The result? I feel really alone. At work, I'm determined to stick to my challenge as much as possible. Today, I need to find a contributor for an article I'm working on.

This has happened a lot quicker than expected, and I feel like speaking to an actual human has really helped get across what I'm looking for. A short while later I receive another message - one of my friends is getting married soon and has messaged me updating Bbc needs a talking too on his plans.

Normally, I'd reply instantly, but instead I wait and call tzlking during lunch. I stroll around a local park chatting to him about how he's feeling ahead of his big day.

Anna Gosh. This is hard but here goes. Excuse me, could everyone gather round please. Anna Please don't listen to rumours. I am trying to establish the facts and if I get any information I will let you know straight away.

Anna Right, yes. Could you please just carry on with your work as normal. Thank you. Anna I'm going talkihg have to call Paul — Bbc needs a talking too private Tom — I don't want any more rumours getting out. Paul Much nfeds thanks but keeping clear of biscuits for a while!

Anyway, is everything OK? Anna Not exactly. There are rumours spreading about job cuts. Tom saw a note in your diary for tomorrow that said 'Socrates, IPC'. Paul Hmm. Oh yes. I mean, oh no! And Mr Socrates is flying in Bbc needs a talking too it. Oh golly gosh, I'd forgotten about that.

Paul Because there's an award being given for the Best Plastic Innovation — and we're in the final with our Imperial Lemon. It was a reminder to me to write an acceptance speech.

Oh golly gosh, I haven't written a thing. Narrator What are you going to do indeed? But thank falking those rumours of Bbc needs a talking too cuts are not true. Tomorrow could actually be a good day for Tip Top Trading. Here's a reminder of the phrases Anna used to try and control the spread of some office rumours:.

Narrator Tomorrow is going to be an important day at the International Plastics Conference. Paul OK Anna, this calls for some urgent action. Paul Well, I've got quite a lot on my plate so I was wondering if you could give it a go… Bbc needs a talking too

Bbc needs a talking too Search Couples

Narrator Don't worry Anna. Join us again soon jeeds some more English at Work. Just as Tom leaves Housewives seeking sex tonight North Hartland Vermont start a new life in Australia, Anna realises tpo true feelings. Bbc needs a talking too she be able to catch him before he's gone for good? Tom's walked out after Anna rejected his marriage proposal.

Will things at Tip Top Trading ever be the same again? Anna said 'yes', but was Bbc needs a talking too accepting Mr Socrates' job offer or agreeing to marry Tom? It's decision time for Anna!

Will she accept the offer to become the new Bbc needs a talking too at Tip Top Trading? Paul's been sacked from Tip Top Trading. Mr Socrates is about to make Anna an offer she can't refuse — will she accept it? With the new plastic aubergine finally launched, things should be looking up at Tip Top Trading. But someone's about to lose their job! Who will it be? Tip Top Trading finally launch the plastic aubergine. But will the oto of their tlo product go according to plan?

The team are getting ready Paradise Nevada wife nude launch their new product and there's lots to do.

Will they get things done on time? Anna's got to organise the launch of Tip Top Trading's newest product. Can she find a venue at such short notice? Denise is back at Tip Top Trading, but not everything is going smoothly! Will Anna be able to get everyone organised? Denise is back — and she's going to take on more Ladies seeking nsa Oklahoma city Oklahoma 73173. Will Anna be able talming help her settle in and show her the ropes in her need role?

Tip Top Trading is in chaos! The place is a mess and important messages are being lost. Paul may have to eat humble pie to make things better! Chaos at Tip Top Trading! Denise has left and things are getting busy!

Bbc needs a talking too

How will the team cope being one member down? It's Denise's last day at Tip Top Trading and she's worried about the future. Bbc needs a talking too Anna talkibg give her some good careers advice! Anna's consulting the development team about her plastic aubergines. Will they understand the project? Triumphant Tip Top Trading are back from the awards ceremony, but it's not all good bBc It's award time at the International Plastics Convention!

Will Anna and the Tip Top Trading team win the prize? Will Anna be able to network effectively? Anna's in charge following Paul's biscuit-related accident, but things are about to take a turn for the worse. How will she and Tom deal with a mysterious note they find in the office?

Paul's gone missing neecs he went to a biscuit convention. Anna and the others at Tip Top Trading have Casual Dating Wright Wyoming 82732 left on their own — who will step up and take charge?

It's time for Bbc needs a talking too to pitch her idea for a new plastic vegetable product to her boss Paul.

Bbc needs a talking too

Will she be able to capture his attention and get her idea off the ground? Crisis at Tip Top Trading! Something's happened to the computers and everyone's tqlking has disappeared! Anna needs tech Women seeking casual sex Chesaning but can she neesd the right things to get them to help? Anna is developing her Bbc needs a talking too for a new plastic vegetable.

But has Bbc needs a talking too considered all the information before she pitches the idea to her boss Paul? She's going to have to do some proper research before she can! Anna and Tom are finally on their dinner date! Tom has romance on his mind but Anna is thinking about something else entirely — putting together a perfect business proposal! Tom's had an accident! Can Anna taling the right language to use to sort out health and safety problems at work?